Beneficial Effects of EECP Treatment

EECP enhances blood supplying vessel network in the heart and tissues, by enlarging the existing vessels and also leading to formation of new capillary vessels.

Thereby, it provides new vessel routes to the areas with decreased blood supply due to atherosclerotic vessel narrowings. These new vessel routes are named as “Natural Bypasses”. Therefore, this treatment is also known as “Natural Bypass Treatment”.

EECP also prevents vessels from atherosclerosis which is a progressive disease leading to narrowings and occlusions of the arterial vessels all over the body.

EECP also has a regenerative effect, improving stem cell activity in the body and thereby providing cell and tissue repair.

All these above-mentioned therapeutic effects of EECP are obtained by only improving blood circulation in the body through a rhythmic massage-like procedure applied to the lower part of the body, externally. In other words, EECP promotes a “Self Repair” or “Natural Healing”.

The researchers who witnessed the fascinating effects of EECP treatment accept EECP as a “Revolutionary Therapy” for patients with Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular disease both for treatment and prevention. © 2015