International Visits



In August 2001, I visited the EECP Research Laboratory of Pittsburgh University in USA for one week to observe the EECP applications there and met Dr. Özlem Soran. I witnessed the favorable results of EECP in treated patients and learned the details in its application. In October 2002, I started to work at Istanbul Memorial Hospital as Chief of EECP Treatment Unit.

In August 2004, firstly, I made a one week visit to the EECP Treatment Unit at the University Hospital of California, in San Diego, USA, observed EECP applications and also met Professor Antony DeMaria to discuss some aspects of this treatment as I knew him since he had been our guest speaker years before at our National Echocardiography Symposium in Antalya, Turkey but then I have seen him taking part in EECP Symposiums with presentations at ACC meetings.

Again in August 2004, I made a one week visit to the EECP Treatment Unit at State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA and met Professor W.E. Lawson and Dr. John Hui. I had the chance to discuss many aspects of EECP treatment face to face with these two scientists who have done many world wide respected research on this treatment and documented its beneficial effecs.

In February 2005, I visited the ECP Treatment Unit at Sun Yat-Sen University Hospital in Guangzhou, China for 10 days and met with Professor Zhen-Sheng Zheng, who is the inventor of the Expernal Counter Pulsation system used world wide nowadays, and also is the one who has done and published about 200 clinical and experimental studies since late 1970’s to document the beneficial effects of this treatment in cardiac and many kinds of diseases, and the underlying mechanisms of its favorable effects.
I observed the ECP applications there, made very valouble discussions with Prof. Zheng, and learned a lot especially concerning the expanded indications of ECP and the potential benefits of ECP in the prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease progress.

In September 2007, I visited two physicians in the USA who apply EECP treatment widely in their private centers and thereby gained great experience in this treatment.
I firstly visited Dr. Debra Braverman at her EECP center at Philadelphia who is the founder of “Braverman EECP Heart Centers” and known as having the largest EECP practice in her country. She is also the author of the book ” Heal Your Heart with EECP; The Only Noninvasive Way to Overcome Heart Disease”.
Secondly, I visited Dr. Jose Katz who is the owner of 5 private EECP Centers in New York and New Jersey.
With these both visits, I had the chance to mutually share experiences, discussed various aspects and had consensus concerning the potential of this treatment to prevent heart disease progress when it is used at the earlier stages of cardiovascular disease. © 2015