Consultant Cardiologist and Chief of EECP Treatment Unit, Memorial Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.

I am graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine in 1970, specialized in internal medicine and cardiology and became a professor in 1990 at Marmara University, Faculty of Medicine. 

My main interest has been noninvasive procedures in cardiology. After studying for 15 months at Hammersmith University Hospital in London, I initiated Echocardiography examinations in Istanbul for the first time in early 1980 at the Institute of Cardiology in Istanbul University and then for 20 years I undertook the responsibility of echocardiography laboratories in other universities and private hospitals in Istanbul.

Since 2001, I have been interested in the non-invasive EECP Treatment and applying it in a private hospital and also in my office. I have made visits to Pittsburgh, San Diego and Stony Brook University Hospitals in USA and Sun Yat-sen University in China, to meet the World wide known EECP experts to discuss various aspects of this treatment.

I treated over 600 patients with EECP and I present these successful results at national and international cardiology meetings to share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues. 

I also frequently attend the live TV programs and sent articles to magazines and newspapers to inform people about the existence of such a non-invasive, non surgical, no-risk and highly effective treatment modality, the EECP. © 2015